Invest and doing business in Russia with B1 group

A full range of professional services, covering assurance, tax and accounting, law, strategy, transactions and consulting 

Starting a business in Russia: Russian market potential

Market research and analysis

A preliminary market study can help you avoid unnecessary risks and increase your chances of success during the market entry.

Market analysis may include demand analysis, supply analysis, market capacity assessment, capacity utilization and manufacturers' plans, sales forecast, price forecast and other issues.

Starting a business in Russia: Sanctions and restrictive measures
Overview and analysis

Contact B1 professionals to provide you with a complete legal and commercial picture when interpreting a sanctions regime. Our team offers an international outlook on the legal and practical implications of sanctions.

Starting a business in Russia: Special investment contracts

B1 professionals advise on the choosing the most appropriate region for investments based on various factors and/or the type of special investment regime/investment contract to use

Start investing to Russia today
Start investing to Russia today
Setting Up business in Russia: Branch of Chinese company or Russian legal entity LLC / JSC
B1 professionals advise on legal matters to help to choose the best type of presence for Chinese business planning to start their business on the Russian market.
Setting Up business in Russia: Work permits and work visas in Russia

B1 professionals advise on the Applications for various types of visas, labor law, employment taxes

Setting Up business in Russia: Paying taxes and reporting

B1 professionals advise on your accounting and tax functions so you can focus on your core business goals

Start investing to Russia today
Start investing to Russia today
Doing business in Russia: Investing in Russia: receiving passive income from Russian investments 

B1 professionals advise on

Doing business in Russia: Import / Export Trading across Russian borders

B1 professionals advise on Import and export duties and benefits, Legalization of Parallel Import to Russia, Russian Custom rates adjustments for importers

Doing business in Russia: E-commerce
B1 professionals advise on setting up an e-commerce operation of your future business 
Start investing to Russia today
Start investing to Russia today
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To support your business activity in Russia
General compliance obligations of a branch/representative office of a foreign Legal Entity in Russia.

Schedule for submission of reports to tax and other authorities in 2022 for business in Russia. 

Russian Legal Entity

Schedule for submission of reports to tax and other authorities in 2022 for business in Russia.

About B1 company

Formerly known as Ernst and Young (EY) Russia*

B1 Group (formerly known as Ernst and Young (EY) Russia*) prepared this guidance to give the potential Chinese investor an insight into Russia and its economy and tax system, provide an overview of forms of business and accounting rules and answer questions that frequently arise for foreign businesses.


B1 Group is a group of companies offering a full range of professional services, covering assurance, tax, law, strategy, transactions and consulting. 


In over 30 years in Russia and 20 years in Belarus, we have assembled a strong team of professionals with broad expertise and a wealth of experience in delivering challenging projects.

Our practice in Russia consists of 10 offices staffed more than 3000 specialists.


B1 Group is based in 10 cities: Moscow, Minsk, Ekaterinburg, Kazan,

Krasnodar, Novosibirsk, Rostov-on-Don, St. Petersburg, Togliatti and Vladivostok. 

We help Chinese and other international companies to find new solutions, grow, transform and operate their business as well as strengthen their financial and human capital in Russia. 

Historical background

EY Russia was the first international professional services firm to establish operations in Russia in 1989. Before restructuring of business in Russia to B1 Group we have offered a full range of professional services to international companies operating in this market. The EY Russia practice announces that it has re-branded as B1. EY Russia referred to the global organization of member firms of Ernst & Young Global Limited, each of which is a separate legal entity. The combined worldwide revenue of Ernst and Young (EY), reached a record 40 billion U.S. dollars in 2021.

Why B1

B1 will assist you to analyze perspective Russian industries and total available market, develop a successful market-entry strategy and financial and business model, and take over all non-core business functions, so you can focus on your business growth.

Our team support goes beyond just assisting you with legal and tax compliance and reporting requirements.

•We aim to become a trusted advisor who will support your business growth in Russia.

•We understand the needs of all stakeholders: Russian authorities, your local team and your HQ organization.

•We will make the complex Russian compliance environment easy for you to understand and follow.

•We will also bring important matters to your attention and provide B1 expertise in all areas relevant to your operations in Russia.

We provide a one-stop shop for the whole range of services for starting your business in Russia.

Chinese customers

We serve more than 100 Chinese customers in Russia. We are proud to count among our customers both large international enterprises (members of world's top 500 companies and the leading enterprises in China's industry) as well as a fast growing medium-sized businesses from China.

Over 3000 experts in 10 offices across Russia is ready to take care of all your supporting business functions, so the you can focus on establishing a strong presence in the region.

Our сore industries:

•FMCG (electronic industry, mobile phones, digital devices, E-commerce, etc.)

•IT and telecommunications

•Automobile and auto components

•Advanced Manufacturing

•Construction and engineering

•Oil & Gas

•Chemical and Energy sector

•Mining & Metals

•Financial industry (banks, funds)

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