Starting a business in Russia

B1 will assist you to analyze perspective Russian industries and total available market, develop a successful market-entry strategy and financial and business model, and take over all non-core business functions, so you can focus on your business growth.

Russian market potential. Market research and analysis

For many years, we have supported international companies with expansion to new markets: we help them find local business partners, arrange export of their goods to the CIS countries and manage business and manufacturing localization projects in Russia and Belarus.

A preliminary market study can help you avoid unnecessary risks and increase your chances of success during the market entry.

Market analysis may include demand analysis, supply analysis, market capacity assessment, capacity utilization and manufacturers' plans, sales forecast, price forecast and other issues.

Start investing to Russia today
Start investing to Russia today

Core scope for market research in Russia:

Identify Russian market conditions

We can investigate changing market conditions to determine what that might mean for your business

Assess market potential

Some opportunities have a bigger upside than others, but you won’t know their true potential until you have a complete assessment of the market and can make an  informed decision as to the right course of action.

Evaluate business options

An evaluation of options could go many different ways depending on the questions you want answered. We can help evaluate options using the criteria that are most important to you.

Conduct scenario analysis

While nothing is ever certain, we can provide scenario analysis to help you anticipate what might happen after you make a decision.

Develop benchmark comparisons

We can help you understand if you have the right balance to be competitive and are positioned to succeed in the market.

Start investing to Russia today
Start investing to Russia today
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