Starting a business in Russia

B1 will assist you to analyze perspective Russian industries and total available market, develop a successful market-entry strategy and financial and business model, and take over all non-core business functions, so you can focus on your business growth.

Tax benefits and Russian government support of business

Here are one of the most effective government support measures of business as well available for Chinese companies doing business in Russia :

►Investment Protection and Promotion Agreements (IPPA)

►Special Investment Contract (SPIC)

►Regional Investment Project (RIP)

1 - coefficient characterizing the territory of mineral extraction.

2 K.renta - rental coefficient.

Tax rates regarding regional budget are regulated by the legislation of the Federal subjects of Russia

Special investment contracts (SPIC 1.0 and SPIC 2.0)

Investment protection and promotion agreement (IPPA)

Key elements of investment protection and promotion agreement (IPPA)

Start investing to Russia today
Start investing to Russia today

Investment programs

B1 solutions for Chinese companies

Choosing the most appropriate region for investments based on various factors and/or the type of special investment regime/investment contract to use;

Preparation and writing of the company's business plan for the conclusion of an investment contract;

Support in preparing for and concluding an investment contract with the authorities (including collection, preparation and submission of necessary documents, preparation of a financial model, determination of the potential period of application of tax benefits, communication with the authorities, analysis of the relevant draft investment contract);

Reviewing or developing a methodology for separate tax accounting as necessary for the application of tax benefits relating to an investment contract;

Any further support relating to investment contracts concluded.

Start investing to Russia today
Start investing to Russia today

Investment programs. Mergers & Acquisitions in Russia

Successful Mergers and Acquisitions (M&A) are sometimes possible after companies carefully plan and execute a deal. In some situations, companies may wish to acquire a competitor’s intellectual property, hard assets or talent.

While M&A can be a great way to obtain a business, it also poses many challenges.

Whether you want to expand Russian market, seize your Merge & Acquisitions target or achieve growth goals through better capital management, B1 team can help you prepare.

Main areas to support your M&A strategy

•Review of the M&A market in Russia and CIS according to your strategy – trends and developments. Foreign investments in strategic companies: regulatory issues

•Commercial sale/purchase of Russian businesses. Drafting and negotiating share purchase agreements and ancillary documents.

•Advising on joint ventures and strategic partnerships that best meet our clients’ business objectives

•Structuring M&A transactions: trends, regulation, best practice

•Conduct diligence, including financial, tax, commercial, operational, regulatory, IT and cyber

•M&A disputes in arbitration and litigation – trends and developments

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